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11 February, 2013
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Follow Cruise Traveling with a New Blog!

Princess Cruises has created a new form of communication with and between its passengers: a blog titled LinkedbytheSea. Technology has created so many new ways of connecting with passengers and potential customers; a travel blog is nothing new. But this blog has a new

spin on using technology to attract web traffic. Each week the blog by Princess Cruises is spotlighting new stories featuring its crew members and passengers. For most travelers, a cruise is often the vacation of a lifetime, where memories are made. Furthering that, connections and relationships can develop between travelers and other passengers or passengers and crew members. This blog is a way to share these experiences with the world, emphasizing the amazing things that can happen on a cruise.

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Cruise traveling is often enhanced by the connections travelers make on board their cruise ships, whether it is with other passengers or crew members. The cruise line encourages both passengers and crew members to submit their stories and experiences, and the blog features the best one each week.

Many of the connections highlighted about on Linkedbythesea are heart-wearming stories. One story tells of a wine sommelier meeting a man from his home town on board. Not only did they grow up in the same neighborhood, but the passenger knew the crew member’s grandfather as they attended high school and fought in World War II together. From this amazing adventure of cruise traveling came a chance to reconnect two old friends after 60 years. Another heartwarming story speaks of the friendship that developed between a Maitre d’ and a passenger. While cruise traveling over the years, these two men became friends. While the Maitre d’ was in the passenger’s hometown for a port stop, he organized a secret vow renewal on board the cruise ship for the passenger and his wife. With

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stories like these, no wonder cruise traveling is such a popular vacation. These are once-in-a-lifetime connections made possible only by the elaborate conditions of cruise traveling.

This concept is not new for Princess Cruises. They have been successfully drawing internet traffic with 50 Essential Experiences launched in 2011 and Inspired to Cruise, launched in 2012. These blogs received millions of hits each year, leading people to explore the main Princess Cruises website after perusing some of these personal experiences. Princess Cruises is looking forward to a successful blog connecting its beloved customers and crew members in new ways.