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26 January, 2013
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Cruising as Part of Group Packages to Alaska

Alaska is a unique and breath-taking, seasonal cruise destination. It is important that you plan the cruise to fall within the months of May to September. There are also smaller ships that start around late April. By the month of May, the temperature warms up enough so that you can enjoy a pleasant cruise. If you don’t like the cooler climate, you can schedule your trip from June to August , because these months are the usually (not always) warmest in Alaska.

Cruise tours in Alaska are explored in combination with land tours. You will love going with loved ones, or better yet a whole group of them! Enjoy all the fun attractions and scenic surroundings that Alaska has to offer!

You need to choose a cruise line that offers group cruises. Some cruise lines even have their own lodges, rail-cars and coaches. You will have fun as a group, because some packages over to


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escort you during the land tours. There is also a tour director on hand, and all the activities await you. If you are after fun and value, group cruises remain the best selection. The cost of the cruise will vary depending on several factors such as the cabin grade, the ship, and the booking time. You will spend less if you schedule the trip on selected months. Early booking is a good idea because you can receive a full overview of cabin selections, and availabilities.

Cruise ships come in all sizes, there are big and small cruise ships that you can choose. These ships can easily accommodate group cruises because they can carry thousands of passengers. In addition, all the guest cabins in the group can be selected adjacent (can’t always promise that) to one another for more group interaction.

A great advantage with smaller ships is that the vessels can access narrow channels and take you to the shorelines. There are many smaller ports in Alaska, and if you choose group cruises aboard smaller vessels, you can visit many places that larger ships cannot access. If you have not yet experienced the Alaska Railroad, you can check it out on your next cruise since some cruise tours may offer this as part of the itinerary.

Group cruises are ideal for family reunions, weddings, getaway cruises, corporate retreats, sorority or fraternity getaways, church related activities, and much more. The major benefits of group cruises include personalized service, group dining, payment flexibility, and meeting space. The meeting space is a great advantage because you can hold meetings or parties there.

Be part of a group cruise the next time you visit Alaska. You can also check out http://OmniTours.Travel if you are interested in booking for group cruises in the coming months.